when is iphone 6 available again.?



Since about an hour after the iphone 6 Plus was first accessible for preorder on the web, it has been hard to find. On Apple’s site, the huge screened iphone has reliably had a boat date of “3-4 weeks” since September.

That 3-4 week shipping window could give on edge Christmas customers indigestion, yet it creates the impression that Apple is getting up to speed to request and the greatest iphone is getting to be all the more promptly accessible. As spotted by 9to5mac, Apple’s site now records the 16gb iphone 6 Plus with a boat date of “7-10 business days.” Several iphone 6 Plus arrangements are accessible for same-day in-store pickup from a couple of Apple Stores also.

Truth be told, on the off chance that you need an iphone 6 Plus, check Apple’s in-store pickup first. That is by all accounts the course with (by a wide margin) the most iphone 6 Plus supply with numerous designs accessible from certain Apple Stores. The opened form (marked T-Mobile) of the iphone 6 Plus is still elusive at Apple stores, yet bearer bolted variants have all the earmarks of being promptly accessible.

Shockingly, just the minimum costly models appear to have invigorated stock on the web. On the off chance that you were wanting to get a 64 GB iphone 6 Plus (which is the one I’d get) or the 128 GB model, regardless you’re going to need to hold up to get it sent, either 2-3 weeks or 3-4 weeks, individually. Shade and bearer don’t appear to make a difference.

How to Use the iPhone Camera.?


There’s a saying in photography that the best camera is the one you have with you the most. For many people, that’s the camera on their smartphone. Luckily for iPhone owners, the camera that comes with your smartphone is pretty impressive.

using the iphone camera -

The original iPhone had a very simple camera. It took photos, but it lacked features like user-directed focus, zoom, or a flash. The iPhone 3GS added one-touch focus, but it took until the iPhone 4 for the iPhone camera to add important features like flash and zoom. The iPhone 4S added a few nice features like HDR photos, while the iPhone 5 brought support for panoramic images. Whichever feature you’re interested in, here’s how to use it:

Switching Cameras

The iPhone 4 4th generation iPod touch and iPad 2, and all newer models, have two cameras one facing the user, the other on the back of the device. This is used both for taking pictures and using FaceTime.

Choosing which camera you’re using is easy. By default, the higher-resolution camera on the back is selected, but to choose the user-facing one (if you want to take a self portrait, for instance), just tap the button in the top right corner of the Camera app that looks like a camera with rotating arrows around it. The image on the screen will change to the one picked up by the user-facing camera. To change back, just tap the button again.
Works with: iPhone 4 and higher


The iPhone camera can not only focus on any element of a picture when you tap it (more on that in a moment), you can also zoom in or out.

To do this, open the Camera app. When you want to zoom in on an aspect of the image, simply pinch and drag to zoom in as you would in other apps (i.e., put thumb and forefinger together on the screen and then drag them apart towards opposite ends of the screen). This will both zoom in on the image and reveal a slider bar with a minus on one end and a plus on the other will appear at the bottom of the image. This is the zoom. You can either keep pinching and dragging, or slide the bar left or right, to zoom in and out. The image will automatically adjust as you do this. When you have just the photo you want, tap the camera icon at the bottom center of the screen.
Works with: iPhone 3GS and higher

make screenshot with iphone 6.?


How to Take A Screenshot on iPhone 6

Picture of How to Take A Screenshot on iPhone 6

There are times that you may longing to take screenshots of the instant messages, the high scores you’ve accomplished while playing recreations and other data that showed on your recently purchased iphone 6 and iphone 6 Plus. Luckily, it has never been an intense errand to take screenshots on these Apple gadgets. To do this trap, simply just press the inherent easy route or make utilization of outsider screenshot applications. You can check the more itemized steps underneath on the best way to Take a screenshot on iphone 6.

Step 1: ​method One: Pressing the Home and Sleep/Wake catch to

Picture of ​Method One: Pressing the Home and Sleep/Wake button to Snap

Despite the fact that, the iphone 6 and iphone 6 Plus have moved the slumber/wake catch to another area, however this screenshot capacity is still practical and simple to use as ever.

Showcase anything you need to snap on your iphone 6 screen.

Basically press and hold the “Home” catch and after that press the “Slumber/Wake” catch. Once its carried out, you will hear a cam shade which implies that a screenshot is effectively taken.

When a screenshot is caught, it will be naturally spared to your iphone 6 Camera Roll. Subsequently you can head to your Camera move and check the screenshot you have recently taken. And after that you can set it as wallpaper, offer it by means of instant messages, informal organizations like Facebook/Twitter, or alter it with the default photograph altering application.

Tips: the slumber/wake catch on iphone 6 has been moved from the highest point of the iphone to the right side.

Print with iphone 6.?


Step by step instructions to Print from Your iphone

Having the capacity to print from your iphone can be helpful for an assortment of undertakings, such as printing pictures, messages and articles. This article demonstrates to you generally accepted methods to consequently print the messages and connections you need with simply several taps. Perused on to figure out how to print utilizing your specific programming and printe

Method 1 of 3: Using AirPrint

Have an AirPrint-supported printer. If you have an iPhone 3GS or later, you can print using AirPrint with the right kind of printer. Major printer brands like Brother, Canon, Dell, HP, Lexmark, and Samsung have made AirPrint compatible printers in recent years.

  • Check the instruction manual that came with your printer or call the company that made it if you aren’t sure whether your printer is AirPrint compatible.
  • If you don’t own an AirPrint compatible printer, you can still use AirPrint by finding a network that has an AirPrint-supported printer at your workplace or in another facility.
  • Design the printer to utilize Airprint. A few models consequently work with Airprint, yet others must be designed first. Figure out if you have to change settings on your printer to empower it to utilize Airprint. Verify the printer is on the same remote system as your iphone.
  • 670px-Print-from-Your-iPhone-Step-3Design the printer to utilize Airprint. A few models consequently work with Airprint, yet others must be designed first. Figure out if you have to change settings on your printer to empower it to utilize Airprint. Verify the printer is on the same remote system as your iphone.
  • Open the item you want to print and select “share,” then “print.” When you select share, you’ll see a drop down menu that gives you options to text the item, email it, and so it. You will also see an option to “print”; select it.
    • If you want to print an email, touch the arrow on the bottom of the screen that points left (as you would to reply). If you’re looking at a webpage, find the icon with a right arrow partially inside a box. When more options show up, touch Print.
    • Select the printer. When you press “print,” a screen posting accessible printers will open. Select the printer you know to be Airprint perfect. Enter the quantity of pages to print, the quantity of duplicates you need, and change some other settings you’d like to change before printing.

pay with iphone 6.?


Use Apple Pay in stores and inside applications

You can utilize Apple Pay with your iphone 6 and iphone 6 Plus to pay in stores that acknowledge contactless installments. You can likewise pay with Apple Pay inside taking an interest applications that offer physical products and administrations, in the same way as basic supplies, garments, tickets, reservations, and the sky is the limit from there.dsc_4846

Pay with Apple Pay in stores

On iphone 6 and iphone 6 Plus, you can utilize Apple Pay as a part of stores that acknowledge contactless installments. Search for one of these images at checkout:

Contactless installment peruser image Apple Pay image

To pay with Apple Pay utilizing your default card, hold your iphone inside an inch of the contactless peruser with your finger hung on Touch ID without pressing it. (You can watch the demo to perceive how it functions.) If you have to pick between “Credit” or “Charge” on the terminal, we prescribe you to pick “Credit” to get the most predictable Apple Pay experience. Picking “Charge” may not generally work effectively with some more seasoned shipper installment terminals and backend frameworks.

A few stores may have this image on their card perusers and POS terminals, yet they may not be as of now set up to acknowledge contactless installments including Apple Pay. At the current time, this incorporates 7-Eleven, Home Depot, and Jack in the Box. On the off chance that you can’t utilize Apple Pay at a store that is showing the contactless installment image, please told us utilizing our Apple Pay criticism structure.

Pay with Apple Pay in applications

On iphone 6, iphone 6 Plus, ipad Air 2, and ipad smaller than expected 3, you can utilize Apple Pay to pay inside applications when you see the “Purchase with Apple Pay” or “Mac Pay” catch as an installment system. Search for these catches in applications:

Deal with your cards

After you add credit or charge cards to Passbook, you can change the default card, redesign your card data, or uproot a card whenever.

Change your default card

The principal card you add to Passbook is your default card. To change your default card:

Go to Settings > Passbook & Apple Pay.

Tap Default Card.

iphone 6 is bendable.?


That bendable iphone 6 screen isn’t a peculiarity (overhaul)

Not certain in the event that you need to conceal your gleaming new iphone’s brand new outline in a massive case? Perhaps you ought to – obviously, its truly flexible. iphone 6 and 6 Plus clients on Twitter appear to be discovering little, yet detectable curves simply south of the handsets’ volume controls. Front-pocket stockpiling is all it takes to give the handset a delicate slant, as indicated by a few clients, however it can be bowed different ways as well. Back pockets and pernicious Youtube clients (feature from Unbox Therapy after the break) can both curve the gadget to their will.


Upgrade: Just for kicks, the same gentleman attempted the same thing with a Galaxy Note 3, keeping in mind its plastic casing provided for some squeaking under the weight, it demonstrated just slight distorting after two endeavors. There’s the distinction in materials to record for, obviously we’re not astounded – we’ve perceived how Samsung tests its substantial telephones under weight.

Redesign 2 (9/24): For one last feature, Unbox Therapy lined up a couple of more telephones: the new Moto X, HTC One (M8), iphone 6, iphone 5s and a Nokia Lumia 1020. Obviously, none curved to the level of the iphone 6 Plus, with just the iphone 6 (standard) demonstrating a slight twist. The Moto X and Lumia 1020 appeared the most impervious to weight, while the One M8 and 5s squeaked, however did not twist perceptibly. In the mean time, Ubreakifix provided for it a shot, utilizing a machine to stretch a few telephones with precisely 100 lbs of weight. The result there? The iphone 6 Plus curved short of what other expansive telephones, but since of its metal edge, it couldn’t curve go into shape subsequently. Overhyped feature pattern or main problem? Just time will tell, however you can see the test after the break, and until further notice, it would appear that most different telephones – including Apple’s – don’t react to stretch in the way the iphone 6 Plus does.

Some say that additional tight pants are at fault, yet its truly an issue of building materials – the iphone 6 and 6+ gimmick an aluminum undercarriage spread over a more extensive range than any past iphone. Aluminum is a commonly delicate metal; with enough weight and influence, its going to twist, and a few holders reported comparable issues with the iphone 5. Metallurgy aside, however, its still a potential disadvantage for Apple clients considering redesigning.

for iphone 3g ios 6..?


To get ios 6 on the iphone 3gs, just take after this how-to guide

For iphone 3gs managers, today is an extraordinary day as the ios 6 redesign is at last accessible for download and introduction! ios 6 is a critical venture forward for the OS, including a few new peculiarities for Apple’s chief cell phone. The redesign likewise likely fittings security openings, fixes programming bugs, and will presumably make your iphone 3gs run much, much smoother.


For those new to the iphone 3gs, in any case, there may be some trouble in knowing precisely what to do so as to redesign your gadget. This concise aide expects to address that and help amateur clients upgrade their cell phone without breaking a sweat.

So as to overhaul your iphone 3gs to ios 6, continue with the accompanying:

Open itunes on your machine and redesign to the most current variant: itunes 10.7. To do this, open itunes and after that click itunes > Check for Updates to introduce rendition 10.7.

Next, unite your iphone to your machine with itunes open. You ought to then be incited consequently to begin downloading ios 6.

Click download and overhaul and the redesign methodology to ios 6 will start.

When the download finishes, the establishment will start consequently.

Once ios 6 is introduced, you’ll have to skip through a couple of setup screens, however then you’ll be prepared to go.

Congratulations, you have now figured out how to upgrade your iphone 3gs to ios 6.

You can likewise download ios 6 on your new ipad specifically over Wifi. To do this, do the accompanying:

Go into Settings, then tap on General

Tap on Software Update and click Install

ios 6 will download, introduce and restart

You can now utilize all the new peculiarities of ios 6 on your iphone 3gs. If you don’t mind note that you won’t get all the peculiarities of ios 6 on the iphone 3gs, so don’t expect things like the 3d flyover in the Maps application.


Digital Life-Gift Guide-Smartphone Buying Guide

Apple iphone and iphone 6 Plus at Saturn and Media Markt available to be purchased: even at the hardware stores Media Markt and Saturn is offered 6 (or more) to buy the iphone. While media business keepers still secured with the dispatch and none of the new gear records, Saturn is as of now planning for the offer of the new Apple leader. Be that as it may simply the essential issue of conveyance possibly you ought to search for a buy of the iphone 6 at Saturn in more detail. Despite the fact that the online shop the discharge date for the new Apple gadgets on 09/19/2014 conveyed, the conveyance day is, notwithstanding, still obscure. So in the event that you esteem details that the new iphone ought to arrive home as fast as would be prudent, perhaps go an alternate course. At the point when requesting from the Apple Online Store or then again when requesting an agreement with iphone or iphone 6 Plus at any rate the conveyance date for the iphone is expected in about.buy iphone 6 at Saturn.

Digital Life-Gift Guide-Smartphone Buying Guide

At Saturn, the iphone and iphone 6 Plus in all known varieties can be preordered. The cost of the iphone 6 at Saturn is equivalent to the authority costs at the Apple store – however this be included the expense of delivery! As effectively said, just the extraordinary deals begin on 19.9. noted in the offer depiction – are sufficient gadgets to what degree neighborhood Saturn markets accessible is obscure.

A visit to a Saturn business to request the iphone 6 BEFORE 19.9. should, in any case, be “miserable” – at the online preorder you have no assurance when your gadget will arrive.